Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers – Generic

Why Choose HRPL – Garden Shoppe for garden online shopping?

HRPL – Garden Shoppe is a one-stop online store for all ynike air max 90 futura air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes nike air jordan 1 elevate low nike air jordan 1 mid se nike jordan series 06 nike air jordan mid nike air max 270 men’s air jordan 4 military black nike ispa 270 jordan proto max 720 wmns air 1 mid nike air jordan 14 jordan max aura 4 jordan 5 jordan max aura 4 our gardening needs. The e-store is run by passionate person whose sole aim is to help people experience the joy and happiness of gardening. HRPL – Garden Shoppe has all kinds of gardening materials.

When will my items be delivered?

We usually ship orders on the same or next day. We aim to deliver your purchases at the earliest. However, we need to know the details of your purchase and shipping destination to give you an accurate delivery. Your orders can be tracked at the link provided in an email response by courier services. In addition, you can verify it here as well.

What are some tips for setting up a Garden for beginners?

Basic gardening tips for beginners:

  • Check if the location of your garden receives adequate sunlight
  • Check the soil and find out which plants grow best in that kind of soil
  • Check the soil and find out which plants grow best in that kind of soil
  • Water and manure the plants regularly

If you are planning to purchase your gardening supplies online, preferably go to our website

What basic equipment/tools required setting up a garden?

There is basic equipment or tools to set up a garden and they are hand trowel, weeder, shovel, cultivator, sprayer, hoe, hand fork, pruner and gloves. Buy top quality gardening tools at HRPL – Garden Shoppe.

Which plants are suitable for indoor gardening?

Indoor plants are easy to grow. Bamboo plant, Money plant, Ferns, Grape Ivy, Snake plant, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera and Chinese evergreen are some of the plants that are suitable for indoor gardening.

What kind of pots should I use on my balcony?

HRPL – Garden Shoppe offers colorful plastic hanging pots, metal pots, coir hanging pots, clay pots and plastic hanging pots at affordable prices. You can choose any kind of pot depending on your needs.

What plants are easy to grow?

Tomatoes, Marigolds, Radishes, Aloe Vera, Lucky Bamboo and Cacti are some of the plants that are easy to grow.

Will I get the plants fresh and undamaged?

Yes! HRPL – Garden Shoppe is a reputed online plant store where you can buy plants online in India. So, you will get the plants fresh and undamaged.

Are there any shipping charges?

Free Delivery All Over India (Except J & K, North East)

Why is some water coming out of the bottom of my planters?

There is nothing to worry about as water coming out from the bottom of your pots is excess water darining out and is important for good health of your plants. It will rot out the roots of your plants if it get collected in the planter.

Well, you can also check with our options of bottom plates as pot Accessories!!

What supplies do I need for creating a garden?

To help you get started, you need good soil, seeds, fertilizers and water sources. You may want other handy gardening supplies like gardening tools.

How do I make a garden on my balcony?

To create a garden in your balcony, it is essential that your balcony receives enough sunlight for the plants to grow. Make sure the pots that you use have adequate drainage. Use potting soil. Water your plants regularly.

How often do I need to water the plants?

Watering indoor and outdoor plants is necessary. Smaller plants need frequent watering than larger plants. If the plants that you grow get more sunlight, then these plants need to be watered more frequently.

How much sunlight do I need to grow the plants/flowers?

Every plant needs sunlight to grow but the amount of sunlight varies. For indoor plants, the light comes through the window. Aloes and succulents should get direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Put these plants in the brightest spot in the room.

How do I prepare the soil for my garden?

Soils are a mixture of mineral particles including clay, sand and silt cocopit. The quality of the soil is improved by the addition of organic matter. If your soil has roots and stones, remove them. Mix your soil with organic matter such as brown leaves, wood chips or compost before you start your gardening process. Add coconut husks if your soil is more sand. You can also use a potting mix which contains everything a plant need from nutrition to water or moisture retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers – Bulk orders/Customized products and Services

What is the minimum quantity for bulk order?

A minimum of 20 units qualifies as a bulk order.

Can you add my brand logo?

Yes, it’s possible to add your company logo to the pot, cards or outer packaging for a minimum order quantity. Please fill the contact form, mentioning the number of gifts and budget for each and we will get back to you with feasible options.

Can I get the gifts delivered to multiple locations?

Yes, gift orders can be delivered to individual addresses to approximately 2500 pin codes across the country with. We ship via our trusted shipping partners with suitable shipping charges.

How long will the delivery take?

Although logistics and transport is something we pride upon, delivery time depends on your location or locations, the size or quantity of the order, and customizations, if any. Nevertheless, we can fulfill a bulk order within a week. We ship via our trusted shipping Ship rocket. After personalization, delivery to metro cities takes about 3-5 days and other locations may take up to 7-8 days. This is to inform you that there will be a delay in pickup and delivery services due to covid-19.

What kinds of customizations are available?

We understand the value of personal touch when gifting to people you value. For a minimum order quantity, we provide the following customizations:

  • Brand logo sticker (of your choice) on the pot
  • Personalized card with message
  • Plant care card with brand logo or message on one side and plant care instructions on the other.
  • Outer packaging customization with our in-house design team